Forming Non-Profit Organization In USA

Starting Non Profit Organization in US

Who To Form Non Profit Organization?

A Non-Profit Organization is formed with the passionate intent of donating all profits made to another organization. Many companies that choose to incorporate are often charities. In such cases, incorporating a company as a Non-Profit allows you to apply for tax exemptions.

Public Charity Organizations?

This Non-Profit Organization type uses the funds gathered from the public to offer low cost or free services to the public. The findings from the public can be gathered through private donations, fundraisers or by hosting specified events with the purpose of garnering funding.

Social Advocacy Organizations?

This Non-Profit type is member-based and focuses on completing goals without gaining any profit. Social Advocacy Organizations (SAO) use donations and member dues to communicate information with the purposes of promoting social agendas.

What Are Foundations?

This Non-Profit organization is created with the purpose of improving community conditions. They contribute to local charities through financial findings and host events that can benefit residents of a community. Foundations are commonly funded by for-profit corporations & contribute to the community on their behalf.

Trade & Professional Organizations?

The trade organization or professional organization is designed to benefit the members of the organization through their activities. Their funding is primarily based on membership-dues.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Frequently Asked Questions

The board of directors establish the budget period and goals. You need to estimate your expenses - FBTC (Financial, Business & Tax Consultants) can help with that!
An Advisory Group is a group of external individuals (outside of the board), who help advise a Non-Profit. They simply make recommendations.
If your Non-Profit struggles with decision making or faces too many disagreements, setting up an Advisory Group is the way to go.
FBTC (Financial, Business & Tax Consultants) provides services for scouring information and results on the license your business needs for it, and you, to flourish!
A public charity makes use of funds collected through public means, whereas a private foundation is a Non-Profit charitable entity operating by a single benefactor (individual or a business). The method of acquiring funds sets apart these two Non-Profit types.
Non-Profits are a popular business entity in today’s world, alongside their high success rates. If your business idea is motivated by serving the community or being able to contribute to their betterment, then you should consider starting one o the on-profit types And because they have four different types you can choose from, Non-Profits make for attractive and diverse option.
Non-Profit corporations can sign for certain federal tax exemption statuses. The particular tax exemption is known as a 501c3 by the IRS. The 501c3 can be granted to corporations if they are registered as a Non-Profit organization or trust. Although, before this tax exemption can be awarded, the corporation has to meet the requirements from a strict criteria. That criteria includes: Naming a Board of Directors to manage high-end decisions for the Non-Profit. The Board of Directors has to be elected individuals and not corporations. You will need to create and strictly abide by the guidelines of a Purpose Statement. Its acceptable purposes include charity, education, sports, prevention of cruelty to animals/children and the like. Your Non-Profit’s assets must be dedicated to other charities when incorporating. This is to be strictly implemented in case of dissolvent of the corporation. It is written as a ‘dissolution statement’ in your Articles of Incorporation.
You will need to name a board of directors (elected individuals), create and abide by guidelines of a Purpose Statement, and include a Dissolution Statement to dedicate your assets to another charity when incorporating.
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