Forming C-Corporation In US

Form a C-Corporation in US

Why To Form C-Corporation?

Simply put, C-Corporation is a method of legally recognizing a business for official purposes i.e. taxes and regulations. C-Corporation or C-Corp structures the ownership of a business. It allows or wider ownership options of a corporation, though it could also consist of a singular person.

Why Choose C-Corp?

C-Corps are taxed as separate business entities. They can also retain some part of the profits earned, sheltering some of the profits from taxation. C-Corp business structures are better suited for larger businesses as they are more attractive for investors, shareholders and venture capitalists.

Options For You?

If you’re aiming towards acquiring a fixed structure or your business that provides security, burden-free record-keeping and company maintenance, then choosing a C-Corp for your business is the way to go.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Consider Starting C-Corp?

With a C-Corp, your business will flourish as it will become easier to collaborate with other companies as well! Additionally, C-Corp ensure you and other shareholders aren’t personally affected in case of company debt and possible liabilities.                                                                                   

How is C-Corp Beneficial?

C-Corp are designed to protect an owner’s personal assets from creditors. Since it also allows or multiple owners, they are all protected from having their personal assists being at risk under a C-Corp.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Frequently Asked Questions

Corporations offer more clout in attracting investors and make doing business easier with other companies.
Corporations separate your assets from being at risk in case of your business getting sued or going into debt etc.
You can switch to a C-Corp by gaining majority shareholder consent in doing so before official changing the status of your corporation with the IRS.
The government imposes taxes on business revenue and requires shareholders to pay taxes on their dividends.
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